Sneak peek at the online game Pet Shop Hop™

Play Pet Shop Hop™ and Spread Your Animal Love Online!

Herding cats is nothing – try running an entire pet store! You can test your animal instincts with the new online game Pet Shop Hop™ from PlayFirst, a leading publisher of casual games.

Pet Shop Hop is a fun, addictive game, filled with cute and colorful 3-D animals.

Your goal is to race against the clock to ensure that each fish, cuddly kitten and feathered friend reaches a loving home. And with your help, Cassie, the main character, fends off the huge pet store conglomerate from expanding into the neighborhood.

PlayFirst is offering a free 60 minute trial to play the game and an exclusive Pet offer for 15 percent off the game. Enter the code: PETSUGARPC. Coupon expires 3/31. Thank you to PlayFirst for sponsoring this post.