Summer Fun: Pigs on Leashes

Jul 24 2013 - 7:00am

Because cats on leashes [1] aren't silly enough, here's a collection of cute piggies that enjoy hitting the streets. Why not let your favorite porker enjoy a Summer's stroll, right? From cuties decked out with bows to swine seriously lovin' the exercise, click through for a sweet collection of pigs on leashes.

Source: Flickr [2] and Instagram [3]

Pretty in Pink

Here's a sweet pig that's decked out with a bright pink collar.

Source: Instagram user alittlebitetc [4]

Big Smile

How cute is this happy porker?

Source: Flickr user stevendepolo [5]

Just Strollin'

This piggy loves strolling the streets.

Source: Instagram user ferrari_lorenzo [6]

Quick Stop

There's nothing wrong with stopping for a breather, right?

Source: Flickr user maveric2003 [7]

Wait, What?

Um, yeah. This pup's not quite sure what to make of that piggy exploring his favorite spot.

Source: Instagram user 10v3stoned [8]

Put a Bow on It

Because a simple leash wasn't enough, this cutie is adorned with a chic pink ribbon.

Source: Instagram user angelinaguida [9]


Nothing like taking your pet pig for a walk on a hot Summer's day, right?

Source: Instagram user robertryu [10]

Happy Pig

Here's a pig that's so excited to be out for a walk.

Source: Instagram user leenuhlynn [11]

Beach Bum

This pig loves being a beach bum.

Source: Instagram user morgsolo [12]

Sweet Spot

On a hot Summer's day there's nothing more enticing than a shady patch of green grass, which is right where this pig's heading.

Source: Instagram user lilcrispys [13]


Somehow this adorable piggy has snuck free from his leash and is loving all the attention.

Source: Instagram user zt_stein [14]

This is the Spot

And this pig has decided his walk is finished right here in this spot. Nope. He's not going any further.

Source: Instagram user valaveni [15]

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