Pictures of German Shepherd Puppies

Pet Profiles: Quincy Is the King of Ice

Aww, what a cute lil face! My friend Samantha shared these pics of her new New Orleans pooch — and his appropriate fleur de lys collar — so learn all about him below!

PetSugar: When did you get your pet and what's his breed?
We got Quincy on August 22, 2010 and his birthday is June 17, 2010. He is a male German Shepherd.

PetSugar: What's your daily pet routine?
Early morning: Potty
Morning: Breakfast, potty, and play or a walk
Afternoon: Crate-time and relaxing, some play-time, and several potty breaks
Evening: Dinner, potty, a walk, then bedtime

Learn about his favorite types of snacks, and see more pictures, when you read more.

PetSugar: What's your pet's favorite food, pastime, and treat?
No food in particular, but he does LOVE ice cubes. Quincy seems to like the treats that make your fingers stink the most.

PetSugar: What was your all-time favorite moment with your pet?
Cuddling with Quincy when he is extremely tired. At the end of a long day, sometimes Quincy is so tired he doesn't mind when I pick him up and put him on my chest for a few minutes . . . Although, he's getting almost too big for it now.