Photos of Barack Obama's Dog Bo

First Dog, First Press Conference: See Speedy Bo in Action!

Noooo, it's not a chew toy! That's the microphone, silly pooch. Think less squeaky, more "boom." As promised, we haven't seen the last of the newest member of the Obama family as this adoro Portuguese Water Dog greeted the press his fans today.

The puppy was originally returned to a breeder, so I bet Bo's happy for his forever home at the White House. He's obviously elated (as were Sasha and Malia), and there were so many photos of his wild South Lawn romp that I couldn't resist gathering some of my favorites. He already looks like quite the lil handful at 6 months, and I hope to see him grow big and strong . . . and perhaps a bit calmer. For their sake.

All eyes are on him — well, mine are at least — but yours can be too when you read more.