Nicodemus Is a Feline Flier With Evan Rachel Wood

It's not everyday we see a celebrity with her cat — it isn't that they get any less love, it's just not commonplace to bring them out in public for potty breaks and walks around the block.

Except at the airport since, when travels include that kitty companion, out their lil heads pop. This cute cat gets a helping hand out of his Sherpa (naturally) at LAX yesterday.

There's a couple extra tips to remember when flying with a feline so check them out — along with more pictures of Nicodemus and Evan Rachel Wood — when you read more.

  • Pick a bag. It's much easier to get a cat out of a carrier with both top and side exits. This way you can decide if she's rather be coaxed out . . . or if you need to go in after her.
  • Pack snacks. It's likely your pet will be freaked out by the noise and commotion so have alluring snacks to let the cat out of the bag (ha ha).

  • Reign her in. I'd recommend picking up a kitty harness for the flight so it's easier to get a strong grip on a cat while you walk her through security. If a metal ring makes the detector go off, they may ask you to hand the cat through and scan the harness with a wand.

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