Newly Engaged Anna Paquin Seen Walking Her Dogs in Santa Monica

Anna Paquin Takes Her Pups For a Stroll

When she's not frolicking around with dolphins and seals, Anna Paquin knows that a good walk is essential to a dog's health. The True Blood star was spotted yesterday taking a stroll through the streets of Santa Monica with her two best furry friends. Although I can see that one of her four-legged pals is a Border Collie, I'm having quite the time trying to place the breed of the brown companion. Besides keeping the dogs in good shape with long walks, Anna practices good owner behavior by keeping poop bags handy with a black Bon Ton dispenser.

Keeping up with her dogs isn't the only thing going on in Anna's life — she just recently announced her engagement to fellow animal lover and costar Stephen Moyer, who comes with a family of his own. But if either of them need any advice on how to introduce new family members into the mix, they know where to come!

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