Memories of Minnie: Sharon Osbourne's Pom Passes

Jul 1 2008 - 12:30am

I'm so saddened to learn that one of Sharon Osbourne's beloved pets, Minnie the Pomeranian, recently passed away [1]. Definitely dog mommy to many a furry face, it's clear that this pooch had a special place in Sharon's heart – and lived a great life [2]:

Minnie hails from the land of Pomerania. She is the most sophisticated of her breed and lives fabulously alongside Sharon. Minnie only travels first class, will only ever drink Fiji water and holidays in the South of France. She enjoys fine dining from the worlds most exclusive restaurants.

Minnie's luxurious lifestyle does not stop there. She sleeps in a custom bed made exclusively by the Beverly Hills Hotel, receives weekly massages and manicure/pedicures and has her own full time personal trainer. Minnie has her own tight group of friends and does not believe in casual acquaintances. She currently resides in London, and frequents Paris for shopping and meals on weekends.

I hate to see anyone lose a pet [3], especially one so cherished, so I've gathered some pictures of this cute pooch from her public appearances (like with JT!) as well as a couple glamour shots before her hair lightened with age. See them when you .

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