Meet Moujik, Pup of the Late Yves Saint Laurent

When FabSugar was compiling her tribute to the late Yves Saint Laurent, she came across a picture of the iconic fashion designer with a smooshie! I guess Frenchie is synonymous with fashion – Fab's got Annabelle, too. This dapper pooch is named Moujik, (meaning a Russian peasant), seen here at the private garden ceremony after the scattering of YSL's ashes by friends at his Marrakesh villa on June 11.
If you're like me, you may notice that the pups in the first two pictures are different than the current dog – turns out, Yves had a succession of French Bulldogs, always named Moujik! If a country wouldn't let the pup in, then this revolutionary simply wouldn't go, once saying:

We are both set in our ways, with out foibles, but most important of all we have the same tastes. He likes certain materials – don't laugh, but the sound of taffeta being unrolled sends him into a frenzy.

Ha! I'd expect nothing less from this legendary man and his equally fashion forward furry friends!

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