Martha Stewart Names New Puppy Ghenghis Khan

New Puppy Alert! Martha Stewart Gets Another Ghenghis Khan

That's right, Martha Stewart has added to her furry family again and, this time, it's another Chow Chow named Ghenghis Khan. In case you forgot, Martha planned to bring home a pup of that same name last year, before the dog perished in a tragic propane explosion. As it turns out Franny and Sharkey actually got to meet their canine pal already, who's also called G.K. for short.

Even though most of you wouldn't give another pet the same name, even if the first passed away perhaps since Martha never got to bring the first pooch home, she's simply using the name she wanted for her next dog? No matter what he's officially named, I think we can all agree on calling out the cute we see in the gallery below.

Source: Twitpic User MarthaStewart and The Daily Wag