Hi, Nigel! Meet Ashanti's Furry Costar From The Wiz

Hi, Nigel! Meet Ashanti's Furry Costar From The Wiz

Some pups are born into famous families — like Moose's son, Enzo, both of whom played Eddie on Frasier. Others are discovered, including Papi from Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Nigel, Ashanti's costar in the latest Broadway production of The Wiz.

Abandoned on the streets of Arkansas, Nigel found a temporary home at the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society before he was "discovered" on its website. Acclaimed animal trainer Bill Berloni said:

Nigel's headshot called out to me. After thirty years of rescuing dogs for Broadway shows which began with Sandy (who shot to stardom in the original production of Annie), I know talent when I see it. After speaking to the shelter about his personality I knew he had star potential. I predict a great future for him. He is as smart as Sandy with the right amount of Bruiser (from Legally Blonde).

The two attended the aptly named "There's No Place Like Home" dog adoption day over the weekend in NYC, and their play opens June 12. Check out more pictures below.