Hi There, Baby Elephant! What Shall We Call You?

Born to a former Bangkok street elephant, Thong Dee (and dad, Gung), this two-day-old babe is the first native-born elephant in Australia! Already weighing in at 220 pounds, all he's lacking is a name.

For his historic birth, Sydney's Taronga Zoo is offering a naming contest for the little one. First off, no monikers that are too close to his parents or aunties' (Porntip, Pak Boon or Tong Ma) names and pick one that suggests joy or happiness. To make it easier to come up with a native Thai name, they've got a translator website . . . which is crazy addictive (as I've just spent quite a while trying to come up with a clever suggestion).

See more piccys of the tiny calf below!

Source: Getty