Gearing Up For Day Two of the WKC at MSG!

I'm still monitoring the pups as the Best in Breed competitions wrap up at the Garden! Remember how three of the four group finalists from the AKC/Eukanuba show made it to Best in Group yesterday? Well, all of the final three have made it again today. That means competing along with the others in the Sporting, Toy, and Working groups tonight will be Marge (the Weimaraner), Vikki (the Toy Poodle), and Macey (the Akita) respectively.

For those of you with other faves in these groups we've yet to see, don't worry about biased judges here. Even though other pups were big finishers in the past, the rules do not allow judges that have presided over a competition in the past six months to be present at Westminster. The pups are competing against the breed ideal, so it only makes sense that pooches who measured up before, will once again do so. However, that being said, I'm still pulling for one of those pups who captured the Hound group at the AKC show and here at Westminster last night — in case you missed my not-so-subtle hints, I'm really hoping that big Beagle, Uno, takes the big title tonight, too!