Pet Lover Presents: I Can't Get Enough French Bulldogs!

Nov 22 2010 - 12:00pm

If you have a Francophile — or should I say French bulldog aficionado — in your life, check out a litter of gifts featuring this smooshy [1] breed [2] for the next feature in the I Can't Get Enough [3] gifting series!

Sport It

This lil Frenchie is extra French as the Bonjour Monsieur Tee [4] ($13) has the tricolor flag and a greeting in the foreign tongue. Bonjour yourself!

Toss It

This lovely felted Nuri the French Bulldog Plush Doll Pillow [5] ($38) could double as a stuffed pal for a child or add a touch of whimsy to even an adult-sized couch.

Hang It

Aim high . . . for the stars! This limited edition Henri With Stars 8x8 Print [6] ($23) would look especially sweet framed in a Frenchie household.

Dangle It

Two lil Frenchies, one long and one short make up the Betsy Johnson Mismatched Bulldog Drops [7] ($45). A touch of sparkle lets everyone know which breed [8] is the princess in your mind.

Read It

Instead of a wall version, the Year of the French Bulldog Desk Calendar [9] ($12) features different Frenchies each month to share the date and the lazy cuteness with everyone around you.

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