Found! Kelly Osbourne Loves Gooby, Mascot, and Sporky

Attention, attention, new puppy alert! Kelly Osbourne has been spotted over the last couple weeks with this lil furball! The Shiba Inu already has her (his?) wings taking plane trips with mom. Looks like Kelly wasted no time in getting this pup the coolest gear. What products did they travel with? Find out below.

  • Even though temperatures don't drop that much in LA, the Gooby Winter Freedom Harness ($30) is a snuggly alternative to traditional reins made of synthetic deer skin and lined with faux fur for an off-to-the-mountains look.
  • Then there's no matchy matchy necessary here as the pup also sports a Mascot Old School Repp Lead ($42) in one of six preppy color combos.
  • Lastly, she adds a pink piggy to the leash. While Sporky ($15) may appear to be a poop bag holder to an untrained eye, it's actually a dispenser for wet wipes, great for keeping fingers (and paws) clean on the plane.

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