Eglu Rabbit Hut For Outdoor Bunny Fun

Bare Bones: Eglu Rabbit Hut

I mentioned before how my old roomie's rabbits, Toby and Stella, would run around the house hiding in various places, however, taking them outside was a whole other adventure on its own! Even though they got their exercise indoors, they needed to get some fresh air outside, too. At the time, we didn't know there were leashes for animals other than dogs (but I think my mom has a chicken-on-a-leash story I'll have to tell you sometime). So we would piece together a makeshift wire barrier and lug their crate downstairs for them to play in.
I already shared my love for the idea of chickens in this crate, but what about bunnies, too? For $500 you can get one with its own run ($400 without) — this durable, weather-resistant igloo can stay outdoors all year round in temperate climates, which would have been great so we didn't move their hut every time we took them outside. Bonus, the top comes off so you can give it a nice cleaning, and there's even a place for their water bottle and hay rack. Plus, when the official run is attached (instead of that makeshift one), the fluffy pals can run around safely without you having to keep a close eye on them! Although, Toby and Stella seemed to find trouble anywhere . . .