Don't Call It a Comeback? Bowlingual's Back Again

Don't Call It a Comeback? Bowlingual's Back Again

Am I the only one getting flashbacks here?! As soon as I saw the pictures for the new Bowlingual, I remembered the original device from several years back. Hailed as one of the best inventions of 2002 by Time magazine, this device was said to take your pups' barks, growls, and whines and translate them for you. Neat, huh?

Well, apparently not neat enough as the device saw limited (I mean very limited) success in the US and all from disappeared soon after, other than a few popping up on eBay every now and again. If you're wondering why, wonder no longer as Japanese toy company Tomy has just re-released the 'Bowlingual voice,' to analyze your dog's voice, through the wireless microphone attached to his collar.

Find out about this new product, see more pictures, and learn how it varies from the original when you read more.

This time it comes not just with an LCD display but includes a built-in speech synthesizer so it can audibly clue you to his deepest feelings as well. Data can be stored for later translation and there's an answering machine type function that lets concerned parents monitor a pet's behavior while home alone.

Presented at last week's Tokyo Toy Show, the device will be put on the Japanese market on August 27, with (I'm assuming) possible expansion to the US soon after. Check out some pups modeling the product below.

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