Dolce and Gabbana's Dogs Play With a Floating Cool Water Kong

Found! Dolce and Gabbana's Dogs Enjoy Cool Water

Must be a nice life, spending the weekend on a boat in Portofino, Italy! These super swimmers set sail with some fashionable dads, (Domenico) Dolce and (Stefano) Gabbana. With special harnesses for easy lifting back onto the boat, the two retrievers look like pro swimmers and retrievers, naturally. The dogs took turns fetching this familiar item — a Kong!

With a couple versions meant for wet-and-wild times, both the red Kong Aqua and this swirly blue Cool Water will come out on top, floating if it takes a dip. With an extra-long rope in lieu of the tuggable loop, it's possible to reach great lengths when you toss it. Check out the pictures to see for yourself!