Guess What Breed Super Quiz: The American Breeds Edition!

It's almost July 4 [1], a great excuse to have another guess the breed [2] super quiz! I've gathered up pictures of pups from the US, so test yourself and have a happy Fourth!

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It's a(n):
American Eskimo Dog
Alaskan Eskimo Dog
Washington Fluffball Dog
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It's a(n):
American Cocker Spaniel
American Springer Spaniel
American Sussex Spaniel
American Water Spaniel
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It's a(n):
French Bulldog
American Bulldog
Boston Terrier
New York Terrier
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It's a(n):
Black and Tan Coonhound
Russian River Hound
American Foxhound
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It's a(n):
American Beagle
American Foxhound
American Otterhound
American Spitz
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It's a(n):
American Mastiff
American Pit Bull Terrier
American Bull
American Staffordshire Terrier
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It's a(n):
Alaskan Malamute
Siberian Husky
Alaskan Samoyed
American Husky Dog
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It's a:
Curly-Coated Retriever
Labrador Retriever
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Mississippi River Retriever
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