Do Tell: Communication Issues With a Groomer?

From an accidental cut to a bloody quick, what you see when picking up a pet from a groomer can be a surprise . . . and not always a good one. When trying out someone new, you never really know if you'll get the desired results and you have no guarantee they'll tell you if they messed up. Likewise, not explaining how you want your pet trimmed can also result in one heck of a shock.
This pretty pup is OzzieCasaSugar's fiancé brought their dog in to the groomer and didn't bring any instructions. Oops! As a result Casa was shocked to find the lovely dog shaved down from her pretty state on the left to a more sheared one on the right!

Have you ever experienced any sort of communication issue with a groomer – either not giving enough descriptions, giving too much, or (hopefully not) any more serious injury? Share what it was, and how you dealt with it, in your comments below!