Dachshund Scratcher for Kitty Revenge

Kitty Revenge: The Dachshund Scratcher

Ahh, sweet, sweet revenge! If your feline has an itch to scratch (your couch, your bed, your $500 chaise), and you don't exactly have the extra funds lying around to scoop up one of those fab and functional scratchable ottomans, then let your kitty have at it on this super cute, and totally affordable Dachshund Scratcher ($25) at least until you sock some cash away for that designer Kitty Cube - a must have for June!

This scratcher from Imperial Cat is designed to mimic natural tree bark with its unique honeycomb surface, and will keep your cat coming back to scratch since it's infused with pure and organic catnip, saving your drapes from mutilation. But the Dachshund scratcher isn't the only fun shape you can get from Imperial Cat! Check out other designs when you read more.