Celeb Tip: Martha Stewart Uses Traumeel on Frenchies

I'd never even heard of Traumeel until PartySugar passed on this information to me: Martha Stewart, who I imagine to be like a stay-at-home MacGyver, uses an aches-and-pain ointment on her beloved smooshies, Francesca and Sharkey.

Traumeel ($13 and up) is made of natural plant and mineral ingredients and has a long list of uses from muscle aches and inflammation to bruises and burns. Hmm, are her Frenchies getting that intense of a workout that they have bow-owwies? Learn why she applies when you read more.

Martha's pampered pooches go through an extensive daily grooming treatment where she cleans them after their time outside and checks each day for ticks and other maladies. Turns out, the product also soothes the deep crevices on Francesca's nose and the thin hair on Sharkey's ears. I learn something new everyday – neat!