Breed Spotlight: Portuguese Water Dog

ICYMI, a Portuguese Water Dog is the breed that will be joining the Obama family in the White House (and its own special dog house) come April. I've already quizzed you about this working pup, but let's tackle that moniker alone. After all, this dog by any other name would still smell as sweet. OK, admittedly that was a stretch, but one of the things about these dogs is that they have profuse yet nonallergenic and waterproof coats . . . which, many claim, means they smell and shed less than other double-coated breeds.

The name comes from their native land where they are also called Cao de Agua, as the first word means "dog" in Portuguese and the last means water. If you really want to show off your knowledge next time someone's discussing this breed, throw in a mention of the two coat types: Cao de Agua de Pelo Ondulado (the long haired, seen here) and Cao de Ague de Pelo Encaradolado (the curly coated, like the Kennedys' pooch).

See more pictures of Kix, a competitor at Crufts this week, when you read more.